Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting Well

When we get sick it forces us to slow down. Its our body telling our mind "ok stop doing what you are doing- its not working right now!" Its never  a good time to be sick, its always in the middle of something good! I was sick this whole week, today I woke up feeling the best I have all week, why not blog about it! 

When I was a kid my mom would bring me diluted apple juice when I was sick, she'd also bring me medicine and whatever else I needed to me bed. Now I have to dilute my own juice, drive to cvs to get medicine and make my own food.  The first time I ever got sick when I had my own place, I was so miserable. I cried because no one was there to take care of me and I was so lonely.  Turns out  I learned how to take care of myself, I made one trip out to the grocery store and stocked up on medicine, apple juice of course and easy to make meals.  And I was just fine without my mommy there to take care of me ! haha! 

Now When I get sick I know its a sign from the universe that something is lacking. Usually I have been slacking at listening to my body and I get sick so I can learn to be loving, kind and patient to myself again. So this past week I said no to obligations, took a sick day, skipped 3 yoga classes :( and  cancelled plans. I feel better today because I rested and relaxed when I needed to.  I actually felt happy in the midst of physically feeling like shit. It gave my mind a break because I didn't have to think about anything or stress about anything, because I was sick and I couldn't do anything. 

I hope to carry the lesson into my life as I am getting better.  Slowing down is a good practice,feeling overwhelmed? stressed? out of control? tired? exhausted? slow down and take a nap or a bath. Some R and R for the healthy and maybe we'll never get sick!!!!

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