Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inner Child

Everyone has a part of their soul is about 6 years old. Mine was very strong last night. After babysitting two very strong spirited children I felt like I got my inner child quota of the week. Its always hide and seek or chase the babysitter. I had the day from hell and there was something about this game of hide and seek that put me at ease. Besides the fact that I found the best hiding spot ever and they never found me. Something about being chased around by a child is funny, I couldn't stop laughing for about 45 minutes. Why are we so serious as adults? We can definitely play a mean game of hide and seek. I think it would be so much fun!
Kids know how to have fun at all times, besides the fact that they don't have bills or a job, they really know how to let loose. And acting like a child for 2 hours really improved my mental state. Maybe I've discovered a new form of therapy. It seems that when a child feels a certain emotion the show it. They cry when they are sad, they certainly tell you when they are mad and they will also usually tell you why. How did we evolve into these beings of sacrifice. Sacrifice our feelings and emotions for others. We are so afraid of hurt, being hurt and hurting others that we don't say what we mean. I've realized over the years how much it actually hurts to feel something so strong and then hide it.  I've also experience it the other way around where some hid something from me and in the end we both got hurt. Is that our adult game of hide and seek? Hiding true selves from others?

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